Our Background


Loud n Clear Public Speaking started as private lessons mainly offered to various learners with a keen interest in developing and perfecting their public speaking skills. Having realized the positive transformation in the students Erica Gatawa the Programme Director realized the necessity to extend it in national schools so that more and more students would benefit.

Developing effective public speaking skills and a general knowledge base through instilling a culture of reading, research and curiosity is one of the most valuable benefits young people can derive from participation in these competition programme. It has often been voiced with concern that general observations indicate that a significant proportion of students throughout the country lack a culture of reading, research and general interest in academic pursuits outside of the classroom. This has led to a general lack of interest amongst students in nurturing academic pursuits leading to poor overall academic performance on a national level.

There is a critical need to foster an interest in acquiring knowledge outside of the school curriculum amongst our students as it is only through such a pursuit of knowledge that exception individuals emerge. The competitive nature of our programme provide a platform for students develop a culture of acquiring new knowledge which leads to innovativeness, creativity and academic excellence.

National Director

Erica Gatawa

She is responsible for the overall control and management of the programme in order to ensure its success, continuity and expansion.

Programme Coordinator

Vincezelle Platt

Ms Platt is responsible for all administration for the Programme. She ensures implementation and coordinates all the activities.

Executive Director

Kingston Nyazika

Mr. Nyazika is responsible for Management, Programme Monitoring and Evaluation to ensure that the set objectives are met and learning paths for improvements are highlighted.